Participants can join this event for free admission. Two or more lanterns will be served with free of charge for everyone. Donation is appreciated. 

This project aims to introduce Pa Pae as another good place to visit for Yee Peng festival. Also it can be another way to organize Yee Peng ceremony with peace, serenity, sirituality and cooperation with local Thai people. It can be a special time to spread loving kindness from our heart to the world.  For anyone who appreciate this project, they can support by donation for any amount or by helping as volunteer. 

Any more information, please contact papaemeditation@gmail.com or call 084 093 8383 (Thun). It’s a pleasure to invite international people to join an authentic admosphere of lantern releasing in Chiang Mai. 

Front area of Pa Pae Peace Light ceremony

5 days meditation retreat

Overnight staying


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