Offer oneself a gift

Reflection before lantern releasing

To travel in other countries is a way to give oneself an opportunity to see different culture and life. It’s a chance to understand oneself more when we can be out of routine life.

Many people prefer to spend time aboard to be free from pressure of their everyday life. For many people who come to Thailand, it’s a good place to see how wisdom of Buddhism can contribute for people. Yee Peng is a well-known festival of Chiang Mai. It’s a special place in the world where lanterns released to water and sky with a large number. Impression to be with thousand sky lanterns flying in the sky can be life time memory.

On a mountain away from Chiang Mai in area called Pa Pae, here is a place for Yee Peng lantern festival. Visitors will have chance to release lanterns in the middle of nature. They will do it together with local people. Lantern releasing to the sky in Pa Pae, Chiang Mai can be another wonderful moment. Participants will spend a good moment to meditate together. A good reflection can make second lantern flying offering some more special impression. To release lantern with peace you can listen some special message from your heart. For someone who have chance to join retreat will have a good time to prepare a deeper peaceful mind. Energy of purity will be abandant for everyone.

To be among meditation practitioners can offer a special feeling with pure collective energy. It’s something hard to find in their daily life.

To spend time to do something special for yourself by joining Pa Pae Int’l Peace Light in Chiang Mai, Thailand can be another special impressive memory of your life.

We spend time and effort for the others so much in our life. It would be good to offer oneself a good time to be free from hectic atmosphere of cities to appreciate tradition, nature, people with beautiful festival of Yee Peng in Pa Pae, Thailand.

This year light ceremony in Pa Pae will be on 28th November 2023.

Meditation with tide of water can offe r a good experience.

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