Peaceful atmosphere of Pa Pae Peace Light

In Chiang Mai there are many sites tourists can join Yee Peng or Yi Peng Festival. Pa Pae Meditation Retreat saw an oppotunity to organize this event in Pa Pae to create a lantern ceremony everyone have a good time to meditation and be organized in the middle of nature. 

With permission and cooperation of village and local administration organization of Pa Pae sub-district Pa Pae Peace light can be organized first time during Yee Peng festival 2015. It’s a succesful event. Participants who joined ceremony were so satified. 

In 2018 after spend effort to renovate area second lantern ceremony was held. 5 days meditation retreat was organisze pararelly. All participants showed they were so glad to be with this event.  

In 2020 Yee Peng lanterns releasing in Pa Pae is cancelled due to Covid situation.

From 2021 Yee Peng lanterns releasing can be organised again. 


  1. Initiate Yee Peng International Peace Light to become an important traditional and cultural event of  Yee Peng festival in Chiang Mai. 
  2. Encourage people to practice more meditation
  3. Train local youth to have skill to communicate in English
  4. Support sustainable tourism of Chiang Mai
  5. Support Buddhist teaching to be more interested to young people and international people

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