Do and Don’t

Pa Pae Int’l Peace Light is a spiritual activity. Then quietness and peacefulness is essential. So to show respect to the Triple Gems and to maintain peaceful atmosphere of the event we ask all participants to

  1. Dress suitable to join spiritual activities by not dress that reveal shoulder and part of legs over the knee.
  2. Not bring firework.
  3. Not bring alcohol.
  4. Not smoke in the ceremonial area.
  5. Respect solemn atmosphere by not making loud noise.
  6. Not point foot to the Buddha and monks.
  7. Not be in front of ceremonial area to disturb monks and other participants.
  8. Join keep clean and not litter the area.
  9. Prepare lighter and candle to light sky lantern for appropriated time.


Please dress appropriated polite clothes. Not show shoulders and part of legs over the knee.

How to get there


5 days meditation retreat

Overnight staying