Why, Pa Pae

9 Reasons to join Pa Pae Peace Light

If you are looking for a place in Chiang Mai to join Yee Pee festival with an authentic feeling. Somewhere that’s not busy and crowed. Somewhere you can feel you are back to last 30 – 50 years. Pa Pae Peace Light can be a good solution for you.

Sky in the evening of Pa Pae Peace Light
  1. At Pa Pae Peace Light you can spend a good time to meditate in the middle of serene atmosphere before releasing lantern. Releasing lantern with peaceful mind in the middle of nature can be an unforgettable memory in your life.
  2. Not only meditation you can also join chanting. Simple text of Buddhist chanting will be prepared for everyone. When we chant and release pure energy of our mind to the world can bring back a deep peaceful feeling. During chanting it’s possible for participants who would like to chant their own spirituality. Peace is universal for all spirituality.
  3. It can be here only people can convey message for World Peace. People in ceremony will be invited to be representatives of their countries to say some words to announce wishes for World Peace.
  4. You will be in the middle of local people. Not only international people that join this program. People in the village nearby will also be around you. You will see smiling face from all generation. Grandparents, parents and children they come together. To be with people you don’t know but you share with them joyfulness and happiness will be a wonderful moment.
  5. To be in the middle of mountain and forest and release lantern can be unique. Human lived long time ago in the forest or on the mountain. Today most of world population live in the city. At Pa Pae we bring you back against time to join spiritual activity in the middle of nature. The whole session of ceremony you will listen beautiful voice of forest as an orchestra of nature.
  6. If you have more available time it would be a good idea to join 5 days retreat. Many people who join 3 days meditation in Pa Pae said their decision to come is really right. Many others said their time here is a best of the whole journey. Slow life let you see more yourself. If you would like to discover some treasure inside, meditation retreat is a best solution for you.
  7. If you are not hurry, you can arrive earlier or stay overnight. Village visit can be another good time.  Atmosphere in Pa Pae is still like an old time. Everything looks calm and slow. People smile. They are always happy to help. In the village you can visit a local made coffee, a tea local production, an orange farm coffee, a forest temple with teak chapel, etc. Good food is always available. It would be an effective energy charge for your body and mind during long voyage in Asia.
  8. It’s really spiritual. It’s a program retreat center would like to create a spiritual activity for society, people and the world. Spirituality creates faith, love, peace and mind power. It’s a great chance to bring spirituality back with authentic and pure intention.
  9. It’s free. We have no entrance fee. Anyone can just come and join. However at Pa Pae Meditation Retreat, peacefulness and calmness is priority. Then alcohol and smoking is prohibited. Participants will be encouraged to minimize communication during ceremony for respect place, tradition and people.
Atmosphere of meditation at river of Pang Ma Kluay village




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